Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rock n' Roll

Andy turned his music up.  He didn't think he needed to hear whatever was planned for his transition in the following month.

Just a few short months ago he had been unceremoniously caught in his sister's clothes by his parents, and after talking among themselves they had decided that he must want a full gender re-assignment.  At first, Andy didn't believe them, but the first container of testosterone blockers and when his boyish clothes were taken away were enough to convince him.
So, Andrea was born.
No more could he hang out with his friends, he switched schools.  Everything from his old male life was either removed or replaced.
Except for his iPod.  This was his only relic.
And NO ONE could stop him from listening to his rock n' roll.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Like A Boss.

Sorry, I just had to use that title.

Jerry wasn't getting promoted at his job even after all his extra hours he put in every day.  His friend Dan, however, had an outlandish plan to get him ranked up quick.  Jerry was desperate for more pay, soo...

Jenny has no problems being the boss!

For Science!

Anders, now Allison, eagerly texted his best friend that the science experiment was a success!
Their pill to switch gender within a week worked!  This year they could count on winning their school's science fair.

Bounty Hunter

Eric was the best bounty hunter that there ever was.  Ever.  If you wanted a certain job done, he would do it.
One day, he was paid to capture the principal of an all-girl school.  In order to get in, he would have to be convincing enough to fool the door attendants.

Ericka carried out his assignment perfectly...

Eyeliner One Liner (ohicwhatudidthar)

Drew had no purpose for makeup, but Danielle loves it!

Beach POV

Five years ago, James never would have thought he'd be sitting on a beach towel in a bikini.
While he used to be a closet cross dresser and enjoyed wearing them, he never showed anyone 
that side of him.  

One day, after he got home from school (he got home before any else of his family), while he was dressed up in his sister's highly padded bra, panties, and short dress, and his mom's wig and makeup, he heard the front door open.  He tried to sneak over to the bathroom across the hall, but his mom saw him.  She called him to talk.
"Can't I change first?"
"If how you are right now is how you like to dress, keep it that way!" she replied.

James explained how he felt in ways pertaining to his gender.  Shortly after, he began on testosterone blockers and hormones.  "Jamie" switched schools and gained some new friends.  Now she can finally wear her clothing of choice to the beach!

Monday, January 2, 2012


A few months ago, Tim had a surgery which was supposed to remove a few moles on his back.  But, due to an error, he was confused with another Tim who was having gender-reassignment surgery (not to mention other plastic surgeries involving feminine appearance) on the same day. Waking up from his medically-induced sleep covered in bandages and a healing female body, he couldn't help but be a bit shaken.
But nothing, not even something like that, could keep him from his videogames.
Hormones he had to take in order to keep his body in balance, makeup he did to keep his mom happy, he essentially had no remnant of his past life except for his irresistible love for games.

Zombies better run, nothing stands a chance on screen from her.